Visit Anila Hotels and Get World-Class Facilities at an Affordable Price

Naraina is a prominent location in South West Delhi. There are lots of Industries that have emerged in this location in the past few years. That is why because of business purpose, many people come here. At a place like this, it becomes mandatory to have a world-class hotel where business executive could stay.

Because of the growth in the industrial sector, there is also a huge boost in the hotels and tourism sector as well. There are several hotels constructed in Naraina, However, there are very few which you can regard as the world-class. Also, most of them charge way more than what they provide. However, amidst all these below-standard hotels, one hotel that stands out and can be considered as one of the best hotels in Naraina is Anila Hotels. Now, a question might pop-up in your mind, why I am saying that Anila Hotels is the best hotel in Naraina.

Well, there are a few criteria by which one judges a good hotel and an average one. If you know them then you will know why I am saying that Anila Hotels is the best among the hotels in Naraina. Let’s figure it out why.


The first and the foremost criteria for a hotel if it wants to be at the top of the list for any traveller is the proper Location. It should not be too far away from the main attraction point for which the visitors are coming to that place. The transportation should be easily available close to the hotel. Anila Hotels is located at a place which is 11-minute walk from Delhi indrapuri station. This hotel is just 14KMs away from the huge India Gate and 16KMs away from the ChandniChowk Market. So, the location is something that makes Anila Hotels, out of the ordinary.


A hotel should have a parking area where the guests could park the car. If a hotel does not have a parking area then there must be a parking area nearby. Also, the cost of parking must be minimal. This is especially true for a hotel in an industrial area. At Anila Hotels, you will not be facing the trouble of parking.


While staying at a hotel, we all want to have a restaurant, gym, and many other amenities. When you book a room for your business client or your business executive, you would want him or her to feel comfortable while staying in the hotel. You would like to provide all the comfort in the world to him or her. Anila Hotels is one such hotel where your clients will feel that they had the time of their life.


While on a business trip, after toiling the whole day, no one would want to go out late in the night for food. Everyone wants to get their food from inside the hotel. That is why it is very much important to have a good restaurant inside the hotel. Now, the restaurant should serve good quality foods. If the quality lacks in it, then that could offend the customer. Nonetheless, Anila Hotels has appointed some of the best chefs in India. The foods served in these restaurant in Naraina are very high in quality and satisfactory to their customers.


Most top-class hotels have a website and a review section where those who have stayed in the hotel before will write about their experience in an unbiased way. While choosing the hotel, most people would go online, browse the website of a hotel, see the review section thoroughly, and then decide whether to choose that hotel or not. The review section gives them an indication of the quality of the service the hotel provides. If you see the review section of the website of Anila Hotels, you will find that most of the customers are satisfied with their service.

Final Thoughts

Now, when you are staying at a world-class hotel then you have to spend a lot of money. But, the best part about staying at Anila Hotels is that you will be staying in a best in a quality hotel, however, at an affordable cost. So, get yourself accommodated in Anila Hotels and get ready to have an experience of a lifetime.