Sell online or high-street- How to get best value for your gadget

Technology is one word and act that is revolving the world around it-self. People are obsessed with the technology and people are the loyal ones to the technology thing. Now as the time passes, technology passes to and transform itself with the new impacts in it. let’s take technology as a square. Now as time passes, square attach with another square and it attach with more squares. Which in the end making it a cube. Then cube is way more interesting than a simple and singular square. People will automatically move towards cube rather than a square. But exceptions are always there. Those who are loyalist of square will stick to square, but there will be time where there will no square but cubes then eve these loyalist move towards cubes because they don’t have any other option left. Technology is like the square the will  change no matter what the situation is. As it is becoming a cube , people will divert to cubes which results them selling their product that has old technology that is a square. Everyone wishes to move with the cube and forget the square but selling it.


Now selling seems pretty easy but actually it’s not. Selling is totally depends on what kind of product you have and what is the situation and condition of the product and what is the demand and value of the product is in the current situation and time. Whether I have to sell my IPod, or want to sell my Laptop, or my Iphone, Tablet, Nokia mobile phone or to sell my OnePlus 3, it all demands of the value and demand of these products in the time you are selling it. Let’s say I want to sell my iPod touch the very question arises where to sell my iPod, online or in the market.

Many years ago, the only way to sell your gadget was to take it to the market and after one visit you sell it to the price buyer asked. But now we have two options to sell it online to roaming around the high-streets to sell it.

There are pros and cons of every situation so to this. Let’s first discuss about online market.

This is a modern era where technology rules and sits and throne. And internet is the most significant and vital invention of this world. Online retailing is more into tan high-street selling market. But there are advantages and disadvantages to everything. So to online selling let’s have a look on the pros and cons on selling your product online.



Well, what’s better than siting in home ,relaxing and selling your product by clicking some nice pictures of the product you are selling. Options is another advantage in online selling. More colors, more variety, more sizes for the buyers. Then of course, not only one place is there to sell your product but the whole world. No confinement to single place but you have whole online market in your hands to sell your products. PayPal actually becoming a pal for both buyers and sellers. Easy to transfer money. No hand in cash but all online transactions. No more location finding , just have a good internet and that all, you are done to sell your product.


Well cons are always there if you have pros that the intense relation between pros and cons. the description is totally in hands of seller. He can eliminate any information he didn’t want to expose. There is no guarantee in shipping the exact same item describes in the post. It may be broken and lost while shipping. Then it’s no one’s fault. Seller or buyer both at risk. Maybe buyer will run after taking the product. Which is scary and nasty.

Now high-street and marker visitation physically has also pros and cons. there are still may sellers who prefer selling products in local market. They are still following the tradition of selling products hand-to-hand. Let’s check the pros and cons of it and by this we can understand that whether it is ok to sell product online or to sell in market


Seller has many market and places to visit to check the value of the product then sell it. no matter what the product is, market will accept it at any cost and will pay something or can even bargain. There is more security because hand-to hand product selling will happen that also contain confidence. Reaching to the new markets for survey that will also be easy. There is also a multi-channel strategy, like social media mediums and other medium too.


Traffic, these days travelling from one place to another is whole lot-to-do. Cost of fuel, time and then less amount for selling a product does not go with the flow. The direct look on the product will results in decreasing the amount from actual price or the price seller asked for. Buyers himself is a seller too so from business point of view, it will be a loss for seller who is in a market to sell a product.

Now that we have pros and cons for both situations now we can easily see that online retailing is more reliable and consistent than high-street. Because online we have more serious buyers who are buying gadgets for the personal use rather than buying it to sell it to another. Buyers who are willing to buy online always aware of the pros and cons of online retailing, still trusting the person explain the need of the buyers which results in seller demanding any amount he wants. No limit of time in online selling products. Local market has a time limit whereas online websites are available 24/7 which results in selling more and more products with a best price. best price because no business is involved as such in online selling. Yes! Exception are always there but mainly online selling give the fine price. And it is the only easiest way for you!