Whatsapp For Business: How To Use It Effectively

WhatsApp is an amazing platform that connects you with your loved ones, this application was founded by Jan Koum, and now it has more than 1.2 billion users from all over the world. You might be aware of all the features and functionalities but do you know how to use WhatsApp for business? In this tutorial I am going to list down the top 6 ways of how to use WhatsApp for business effectively.

There are many software development company that are using WhatsApp for Business and already generating a great revenue by applying the effective ways that I am going to list down. It is highly recommended that don’t shackle yourself into a limit, try these effective ways, and if it doesn’t work according to your requirements you can always change the methodology.

Below is the top 6 ways for WhatsApp for Business: how to use it effectively:

Top 6 Ways Of WhatsApp For Business: How To Use It Effectively?

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small organization or a large organization, if you want to see your business on a higher level and want to use WhatsApp for Business as a platform to do so, then apply these effective ways:
1. Provide real – time customer service:
You can easily provide real – time customer service to your customers by answering some queries of them on WhatsApp. If you are using WhatsApp for Business, it will become easier for your customers to directly communicate with you if they have any query or so and you can also reply them instantly. You can reply them either by sending message in text form, audio form or video form.

2. Provide Customer Support:

What will you do if your customer is facing a problem and they are not able to solve it after reading your message in text form also? The solution for this is you can keep sending them new updates and videos related to your product via short videos, as well as you can provide solution to them about how they can solve the issue, or you yourself can do it for your customers.

3. Communicate Internally:

If you are running an organization but you team is not active on WhatsApp for Business, then it can be a disadvantage for you because sometimes it become necessary for your employees to answer certain questions. So, if you will create a group, in which your employees as well as your client is there, it will be beneficial for you as well as for your customer.

4. Using WhatsApp For Marketing Purpose:

If you know how you can use WhatsApp for marketing and promotion, then you are on the right way. If you will use WhatsApp for doing promotion of your brand wisely, then you can get good amount of customers. You can do the marketing or promotion via text message, audio messages, video messages and send it to all your clients. One of the possibility here is, your clients may forward it to their friends and you can get more customers like this.

5. Use WhatsApps Status Feature:

Recently WhatsApp has launched a new feature called “WhatsApp Status or WhatsApp Story”, using which you can promote your product or brand by putting images of new upcoming products, or announcements, or short videos and more.

6. Announce A Giveaway:

In order to boost the traffic or keep your customers engaged and don’t want them to forget about you, then you can announce giveaways weekly or monthly and organize a small competition. Let’s assume you can announce a giveaway and you will make the winner to the one who will share your brand the most. In this way, customer will forward your brand or product. This is one of the best way to use WhatsApp for Business effectively.
Mentioned above are the top 6 best tips for how to use WhatsApp for Business effectively. You can apply any of these or all of these ways to take your business to a next level.

Keep an eye on your competitors, how they are working, how they are targeting their audience and try to do something different from them that impresses your customers, it will be beneficial for you.

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