The Most Interesting New Gadgets From CES


The technological companies of multiple countries usually gather in Las Vegas in every January to go for an exhibition of their struggles at Consumer Electronics Show called as one of the biggest and renowned gadget show of the year.

What they people probably do, they not only analyze the market, but also at the same time check the buying behavior of the people. This also allow them to see people needs or what actually they looking for in products. Thus after seeing the buyers trend of the market and buyers need, we saw new innovations in technology.

But in that exhibition, the demos of the product usually don’t reflect technology in actual that you people would be able to buy in the future and is not depicting the insights into which technological giants are expanding their resources as well as time. And in this year the show was all about the technological updated of communication between smart home gadget professionalization of your car and having multiple usages of screens everywhere imaginable.

Let’s have a review of all those updated technological products that came across in this exhibition this year.

Netflix On Razer Phone With H.D.R Quality

The Razer phone is quite impressing phones for the gamer’s with the very decent outlook by the screen’s deep blacks and the Razer Phone was designed in a way to play Netflix in H.D.R quality and the company proudly announced that this phone was actually one and only to go for this sort of working with Dolby 5.1 sound too. Let’s enjoy this Dolby certifies device with good quality loudspeakers with Netflix in H.D.R quality.

Samsung S-Ray

One of the Samsung new project called S-ray enables users to listen to devices without creating a disturbance to others because of beaming sound directly into your ears. The company claim about using this device with a number of devices is very thought-provoking for companies like Classy Tech with Bluetooth speaker’s personal neckband and phone cover etc

Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy

Another most notable and iconic gaming device is coming up with the updated technology. This device is in actually the recreation of Nintendo’s Original that is encased in a long-lasting aluminum shell. Its buttons depict the feel of Nintendo’s second portable revision and everything is according to the desire. Even you can play the game cartridges as same as the original.

Misty I

Another technological advancement that was seen in the Las Vegas this year is The Misty I that is a wee baby robot and this was created by Sphero founder Ian Bernstein and Tim Enwall last year. This creation is designed with a lot of technological advancement like Stable platform and locomotion, speaker system, mapping and obstacles avoidance etc.

Whill Model CI

An electric vehicle that helps you get around when needed with the maximum speed of about 5 mph and its battery range is up to 10 miles with the maximum charging time of about 4 to 5 hours. The device can handle incline and number of surfaces with the inner built-in system of checking battery level and location for the family members.

Ubtech Walker

In this year, Robots were the highlighted product category in CES show. This Ubtech Walker is designed to chase security need of you with the recording of motions by using a camera. This has a great range of motions and is easily programmed even it can dance and play games in free hours. The robot with no arms is quite entertaining and interesting.

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