5 Creative Ways To Use Instagram For Tourism Marketing

If there exists a kind of partnership which provides the advantages in a great deal between two parties, it is the tourism marketing and social media. More than past four years, the industry of tourism marketing has grown, expanded and progressed just like the expansion of social media network themselves.

Thus, why do the travel and social media go along so well? The world which is already filled with the social mediums of tourism marketing, how can innovative campaigns on Instagram make you stand out of the crowd?

Here are some ways which can be helpful for enhancing the tourism marketing on Instagram:  

Creative content:

The bigger portion of the today’s research on Instagram includes the looking up for the state to visit. For example, if someone plans to make a holiday trip to Cambodia, then it would not take much long to find out that there are more than 1,823,046 pictures related to Cambodia, found on Instagram. In this way, this platform serves as the search platform as well and the creative media content included on Instagram can be very helpful for tourism marketing.

Include location:

For any brand in the industry of tourism marketing, including the location in the images on Instagram should be an important part of the updated visual content. Almost 48% of the Instagram users depend on platform’s search mechanism for finding the best travel places, while 35% of these use it for discovering the new destinations. By including the location with your images can put your company on the map of the world.

To plan for a trip needs proper research and time. Tourists are not like spontaneous buyers. They go to more than 20 various sites before getting a ticket to any place, and this process carries a large value.

Having this in mind, you can use the amazing and attractive images of the travel places while expanding the access to these locations by using the feature of tagging the location. This helps your audience to remain captivated, using both location tagging and Instagram map.

Virtual reality:

Virtual reality lets you enjoy the highly realistic experience of the place even without being there in actual. According to the CEO of You Visit, Mandelbrot stated in the press release in December 2016, that Virtual reality quite powerful and it makes people excited, integrated and interested about experiencing things like the real life. All across the social media, you can see the brands using VR mechanism including Qantas Airlines to turn the virtual in-flight scene in reality. Instagram too, has been working on this thing to facilitate the tourists all around the world.


Another main aspect related to the tourism marketing on Instagram is the personalization. When you make an experience personalized, some people will get linked to your company. Like the VR, personalization has reached to the level where it has taken the form of the tailored suggestions through Facebook, Netflix, and re-marketing advertisement.

As the Facebook is making collaborations with the Instagram, you can spend money, for boosting the posts on your account, letting you focus on who can view your photos. Make use of the Facebook’s ad managing tool for creating the Instagram campaign which includes the particularly targeted settings depending on the audience you want to access.

Local source content:

Making the personalized content expanded, try to highlight few things in it: the success of the content in your travel guide largely depends on the trust. Viewers may need to know that they are acquiring the accurate data drawn from the trustworthy sources, instead of the second-hand embellishments. That’s the reason a lot of companies hire the freelancers belonging to the particular traveling destinations for generating content for Instagram posts.

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